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From this page you will be able to re-load the Multidisciplinary Team Meeting Directory database from the Human Services Directory.

Please select the correct Meeting Convenor and then enter the correct checkcode for that Meeting Convenor. If you have forgotten your checkcode, and you are authorised to reload the data, please email peter.garriga at for assistance.

You can elect to delete the Meeting Convenor data from the MDM Directory database before reloading from the HSD, or you can simply update the data. It is recommended to update the data in most cases. You might elect to delete the data if you have deleted some records from the HSD and consequently need them deleted from the MDM Directory (an update would leave them in place).

Select Meeting Convenor and Update Type

  Meeting Convenor:   Checkcode:

Update Method:

Latest version (V1.6 loaded March 19, 2012) of the Guidelines for Entry of Multidisciplinary Team Meeting data into the HSD is here (Word Document)