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This site exists to provide information to general practitioners, health professionals, patients and their family members who are seeking
information about the availability and location of Multidisciplinary Cancer Care services within and around the state of Victoria.

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Consumers should discuss information obtained from this website with their Doctor

What is Multidisciplinary Care?

Multidisciplinary care is a collaborative approach to treatment planning and ongoing care throughout the treatment pathway. Multidisciplinary care aims to ensure that members of the treatment and care team can discuss all relevant aspects of a cancer patientís physical and psychosocial needs along with other factors impacting upon the patientís care. It is well documented and accepted that multidisciplinary care represents best practice in terms of treatment planning and care for cancer patients. Victoriaís model for multidisciplinary care incorporates the structures established to drive change and the models that describe the requirements for optimal delivery of care (Patient Management Frameworks) that is safe, of high quality and consistent with best practice. Read more....

What are Patient Management Frameworks?

The Cancer Services Framework for Victoria recommended that tumour streams be developed to reduce unwanted variation in practice.

Patient Management Frameworks (PMFs) were developed to provide a consistent statewide approach to care management in each tumour stream and are intended to improve patient outcomes. The PMFs have been developed in collaboration with a wide range of practitioners, consumers and carers. Wherever possible, they are based on current best practice, including clinical guidelines, care pathways, standards and research. There are 15 PMFs available - e.g. Breast, Prostate. Read more....

What is CanNET?

Cancer Australia, in partnership with all the states and territories, has developed the Cancer Service Networks National Program, (CanNET) to better link regional and metropolitan cancer services. CanNET has improved access to quality, clinically-effective cancer services throughout Australia. Read more....

What are Integrated Cancer Services?

A major theme of the Cancer Services Framework for Victoria is an integrated approach to service delivery, which focuses on delivering the right treatment and support to patients as early as possible in their cancer journey. The integrated service model is promoted through eight geographically based and one speciality based (Paediatrics) Integrated Care Services (ICS). Read more....